Stuttgart Welcome Package German language and culture training Private guidance tailored to accelerate your personal integration into life in Stuttgart Goals:
  • Language instruction will assure your ease and comfort in any setting
  • Tips and hands-on support for daily living needs will accelerate and simplify your orientation for the basics
  • Cultural appreciation is elevated through excursions, reading, and conversation
  • Language instruction using textbook guides and workbooks
  • Review of homework assignment
  • Excursion for practical living support or cultural appreciation
  • Finding the right doctors, dentist, and preparing for the first visit
  • First time at the post office, dry cleaners, shoe repair store, and hair cut
  • Emergencies: medical, fire
  • Shopping for food and a Swabian cooking lesson
  • Historical tours and geographic orientation
  • Buying tickets for cultural events, enrolling in leisure activities (i.e. sport lessons)
  • Using the public transport system
  • Government systems and processes
  • Driving directions in and around Stuttgart (using parking garage systems)
  • Entertaining business clients (invitation, expectation, introduction, subject matter for conversation, what and how to serve, attire, saying good-bye, thank you)
  • Company courses
  • Individual schedule according to your request
  • Happy to meet you at your home or company
  • Helga Vetter, Ph.D., studied German language and literature. She works as a tutor and freelance journalist in the tourist sector Baden-Württemberg. Having her own experience in foreign countries she has a passionate interest in helping people from other cultures to appreciate German life and establish themselves happily in Stuttgart.
Dr. Helga Vetter
70563 Stuttgart, phone: +49(0)711 649 84 29

Dr. Helga Vetter  | info@helga-vetter.de